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Why this solution?


All the know-how is built from practical knowledge and tested practices delivered successfully to more than 40 small-to-large companies in the Vietnam labor market.


Stop making any employer branding decision just based on feeling or other's trends only. Instead, let data talks and do your job more insightfully.


Now you don't need to wait for a long process to check your employer brand health or talent's expectation. The real-time data and well-selected suggestions help you stay updated every day.


This integrated technology solution is ready-to-use. You can easily manage all the tasks just by selecting item by item.

Here’s how it works


Let's get started by getting heard from your employees, potential candidates, and ex-employees through employer branding surveys.

Those data would tell you: 


How employee & alumni perceive your employer brand

Their communication preference

As well as their expectations from a working environment.


Our system will automatically generate a real-time dashboard to show you the essential facts regarding your employer brand and talent insights.


Well organized and visualized data

Sorted by different criteria

Easy to see changes with comparable charts


Basing on the insights, let's take your employer brand strategy to the next level with a communications plan.

Get inspired by selected real examples by value

Build a specific roadmap with suggested activities by channel

Develop a detailed and standard content plan step by step

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